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As an adviser to President Lyndon Johnson and, later, as Director of the United States Information Agency, Leonard H. Marks played a key role in the formation and early development of Intelsat, an international satellite consortium that today operates more than two dozen satellites serving 137 member countries. At its inception, the business community viewed satellite communication as an untested and risky proposition, to such an extent that special legislation was required even to get the venture off the ground. Today, the firm that bears Marks’ name is helping the telecommunications industry manage the transition into a more competitive environment of national and international telecommunications.

Cohn and Marks LLP assists a range of telecommunications businesses who are participating in or impacted by these new and rapidly growing industries. Among these are mobile radio operators, cellular, paging and personal communications services, long-distance service providers, and resellers of local and long distance wireless and wireline service. Cohn and Marks LLP advises Internet service and long distance providers on a wide range of topics -- legislation restricting content, Administration policies affecting export of encrypted data, rate regulation of underlying facilities-based carriers, international business opportunities, contract analysis and negotiation, privacy restrictions, intelligent networks, and FCC enhanced service rules. Clients in this area range from cable operators offering telephony over their systems for the first time to start-up "Mom-and-Pop" long distance resellers that mix and match the best offerings of underlying facilities providers.

Cohn and Marks LLP is also helping mass media companies participate in the explosive growth of data communications and other advanced services. Advanced television broadcasting systems, "wireless cable" (formally known as multichannel multipoint distribution service or MDS) and cable TV operators are providing the ability to transmit text, provide high-speed data graphics, sound, and downloadable video clips. Cohn and Marks LLP is helping companies understand the regulatory environment governing their future efforts.

More information on current developments affecting telecommunications businesses can be provided.

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