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As an outgrowth of its substantial representation of commercial broadcast and cable television companies, as well as print media clients, Cohn and Marks LLP provides a full suite of legal services to small businesses, such as:
Intellectual property issues, including:

-- Registration of service marks and trademarks; and
-- Copyright, including copyright filing, claim and compliance issues, dealing with the printed word, web casting and streaming and other music licensing issues
-- Contract drafting and review related to:
-- Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements;
-- Outsourcing, joint sales and local marketing practices and agreements;
-- Non-compete and other employment agreements;
-- Technology contracts to buy, sell, or lease content;
-- Agreements to lease server space for Internet use; and
-- Agreements with consultants and independent contractors

Review of advertising and promotional endeavors including:

-- Contests and promotions;
-- Lotteries (including state, charitable and "occasional and ancillary business" lotteries
-- Indian gaming and casino gaming;
-- Children's programming and advertising;
-- Avoiding charges of false and deceptive advertising;
-- Compliance with truth-in-lending requirements;
-- Comparative advertising; and
-- Political advertising, including lowest unit rate, equal opportunities, access and related issues in Federal and state and local elections.

For noncommercial ("public broadcasting") licensees, advice regarding:

-- Enhanced underwriting policies;
-- Fundraising activities (including auctions, contests, promotions and pledge drives);
-- NTIA funding and grant application processes;
-- Political access requirements

Many bills are introduced during each session of Congress which impact our clients by changing copyright laws, intellectual property laws, and other small business concerns.

CONTACT: Richard A. Helmick

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