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Cohn and Marks LLP provides specialized legal representation to local, regional and national communications and media-related businesses. We represent a wide variety of national businesses and local entities in regulated and other aspects of their operations.


The reach and complexity of modern communications systems and technology have led to the development of related practice areas. In addition to the Federal Communications Commission, members of the firm are also experienced in dealing with the following government entities:
-- United States Federal Courts, including the United States Supreme Court
-- State Courts
-- United States Congress and State Legislatures
-- Department of Commerce
-- Department of State
-- Federal Trade Commission
-- Department of Justice
-- United States Copyright Office
-- Copyright Royalty Board
-- Patent and Trademark Office
-- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


The firm’s communications legal services include:
providing advice and counsel on business and regulatory aspects of mergers, acquisitions and other transactions subject to government approval;
prosecuting and, when necessary, litigating issues concerning the acquisition and renewal of broadcast stations, cable television, and wireless licenses and franchises and providing regulatory analysis regarding ongoing operational matters; providing advice, counsel and litigation services on all related aspects of a client’s business, including antitrust and trade regulation, copyright and trademark, hiring, firing, and employment discrimination issues, and drafting and reviewing contracts necessary to business activities.


Based in Washington, DC, the firm’s core practice is devoted to representation of companies that are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission, or whose activities are affected by other state and federal rules and policies. The diverse communications clients represented by Cohn and Marks LLP have included:
-- Major Commercial and Noncommercial Radio and Television Stations and Networks
-- Radio and Television program producers
-- Cable Television Systems and Networks
-- Newspapers
-- Trade Associations representing media interests
-- Telecommunications Providers and Customers

Cohn and Marks LLP, founded in 1946, is distinguished by a specialized, collegial practice that emphasizes close personal attorney/client relationships and delivery of quality services. The firm’s partners and staff include individuals with legal teaching experience and outstanding academic backgrounds. The firm’s expertise is enhanced by insight gained in government service by a number of partners who have held key legal and policy-making positions at the Federal Communications Commission.

The firm often works with other professionals and legal counsel involving such matters as securities or tax issues while largely confining its efforts to those areas where its unique skills are needed. This approach has enabled the firm to deliver what it knows best and to build a stable organization of specialized professionals. In this way, it has met the legal needs of the largest companies in the world as well as those of smaller enterprises, a number of whom it has served into the third generation of family owners.


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